Your future life and career

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“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”Katherine Whitehorn (British journalist) Your future life and careerBerbeshkina T.I. By the end of the lesson you should be able: To operate the words and words combinations for the topic “ Choosing a profession “.To review the grammar “The Perfect Tenses“To participate in common conversational exchange about choosing a profession. Let’s read a poem What are you going to do When you are twenty-two ? I΄ll write a story, I ΄ll make a plane, I΄ll teach children I ΄ll make rain. What are you going to be When you are twenty - three?I΄ll be a pilot,I΄ll be a doctor, I΄ll be a teacher. I΄ll be a worker What are you going to be When you are twenty - three?I΄ll be in london .I΄ ll be in Rome.I΄ll be in AfricaI΄ll be home. What are you going to do When you are one hundred and two?I don΄t knowDo you ? Do you like this poem? Is it a funny poem? What is this poem about? Is this poem about plans ? The difference between the following words:a job, a work, an occupation, a profession, a career.1.She has got …… in a bank.2.Please state your …… on the form.3.Her political …… began 20 years ago.4.He was appointed to the …… of lecture in English at Oxford University.5.The pupils complained that their teacher set them too much …6.The vacant …… was advertised in today’s paper. 1. Ambitious2. Motivated3. Organised6. Patient4. Creative5. Confident7. Responsible8. Outgoingd) Determined to be successful, reach, powerful.j) Very keen to do something or achieve something, especially because you find it interesting or exciting.b) Achieving aims in an effective, ordered and sensible way.e) Very imaginative and good at making things, producing or using new ideas. h) Sure that you can do something or deal with or situation successfully.c) Able to wait calmly for a long time or to accept difficulties without becoming angry.i) Having a duty to be in charge of or to look after someone or somethinga) Liking to meet and talk to new people.g) Working with a lot of effort.10. Persuasivef) Good at influencing other people to believe or do what you want 9. Hard-working

work in pairs Have you chosen your future profession?What would you like to connect your career with?What professions can you call prestigious? TREAT PEOPLEENTER INSTITUTECOLLEAGUEEARN MONEYWORK IN AN OFFICEPRESTIGIOUS After this lesson I am…1. great!2. puzzled 4. discontented…3. inspired! 5. enthusiastic 7. in love with English 6. tired9. interested8. frustrated10. thankful

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