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Start anew. presentation made by the student of form 10school №6 LudinovoAnna Gruzinceva Things happened so that I had to change schools. After I moved to another school, I expected to meet new teachers and students. Everything was new for me, so I felt a bit uncomfortable. My expectations and worries.I was worried about my grades in English. And I hoped that my new teacher would help to overcome all my difficulties. But it was not so easy, because my knowledge was insufficient. First problemsFirst day at school, I was excited to see my new classmates. I really wanted to meet. At first it was hard to find a common language, but then all turned out. Things I liked about my new school. The school looked very beautiful. The school grounds were planted with very beautiful flowers. The school was very comfortable, although it was very large. In our school a blue uniform is introduced. But not everyone follows this rule , some want to have their own style of clothing, so instead of school uniforms, they wear casual clothes. I hope that each of you will be able to cope with any changes in your life.

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