Методический сценарий написания рецензии о прочитанной книге

Методический сценарий написания рецензии о прочитанной книгеBook review
Aims To write about a book you have read; to describe it and say what you like and dislike.Language focus present simple, adjectives to describe people, places, clothes or animals;Materials copies of a book review form – one for each pupil.Procedure
Briefly discuss the book that children have recently read. Ask questions about the characters, pictures, plot, genre, ets.
Give out the book review form you have prepared.
Ask the pupils to work individually on their reviews.
Book review
Name: Date:
Title of the book
What is the book about?
Who are the main characters?
I like
I don’t like
I think the book is
Draw a picture to show your favourite character or scene in the book:
At the end, ask pupils to exchange and read each other’s reviews.

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