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Guess the country(multiple choice) Ceylon They have got special shelves for things in the classroom. Japan They study Japanese. Kenya It is in Africa. It’s very hot there. Japan They have robotechnics after school activity. Ceylon Teachers wear traditional clothes to school. Cambodia They study English from Primary school. Kenya They study 8:4:4. Japan After school they visit a lot of after school activities and courses. Ceylon After school they study at collegiate for two years to enter the university. Japan There are schools only for elementary students, junior high students and high school students. They do not go to the same building all 12 years. Kenya They start school in January and finish in November. Japan Every lesson at junior high school is 50 minutes long. Ceylon They have got primary school, junior secondary school and senior secondary school level. Kenya All students pass school exams to get the Certificate of Education after each level. Japan They have got manga drawing after school activity. Japan Every vacations students and teachers go on excursions to other cities or countries. Ceylon Only 4-5 students in class pass their exams successfully and enter the university. Japan At junior high and high school students have to wear uniform. Ceylon It is an island country famous for its tea. Japan Lessons finish at 4 o’clock in the afternoon but student don’t go home. Cambodia It borders Vietnam and Thailand. Ceylon It is situated in the Indian sea. Japan They have three levels of education: six years of elementary school, three years of junior high school, three years of high school, two or four years of university. Kenya Students sleep in class in the middle of the day because it’s too hot to study in the afternoon. Cambodia It is situated in Asia. Japan It is a country and an island. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean. Thanks!

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