Гуидед пицтуре цомпоситион

Guided picture composition
Focus: This is an example of an eight-step memorizing procedure
Level: Pre-Intermediate upwards
Time: 20-40 minutes, depending on length of composition you want students to write
Materials/Preparation: A guided picture composition. For this, you need a set of pictures or a cartoon strip that tells a story that you think will amuse or interest you learners. Make as many photocopies of the set as you have students. Cut off the punch line pictures, and jumble the rest, keeping them in sets, one for each student.
Slow reveal Give a set each of the jumbled pictures to individuals, pairs or small groups of students. Ask them to look through the pictures and put them in a possible order. Discuss the possible orders with the class, asking them to justify their sequences. Once you have all agreed a good order, ask students to number the pictures.
Comprehension Write the numbers of the pictures up on the board with space underneath them. Start work on the first picture. Elicit from students ideas about, e.g., the name and setting of the main character. Write up prompts on the board under the number 1 to help students to remember these ideas. Thus, if your picture story is about a man taking a dog

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