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Animals of AustraliaПрезентацию выполнила ученица 7А класса 180 школыГулиева Асель KoalaThe appearance of the koala is quite unusual. The wool is short and thick, usually smoky-grey colour with a lighter belly, sometimes with a brownish tinge. Eyes are small and weak-eyed look, widely spaced, with long hair on the sides. The tail of koalas is typical "bear" . Koalas spend part of the time in trees: there they sleep and eat.

DingoAmong other animals found in Australia is the dingo , a wild dog which is yellowish brown and has a bushy tail. Kangaroo The big red kangaroo and the gray kangaroo may be as tall as a grown-up man . Some kangaroo are about the size of a large dog. EmuThe emu is the most interesting bird in Australia. It is big and can't fly. Rabbit .Rabbits differ from hares that their babies are usually born blind and naked. Rabbit lives 10 years. They have long ears and quick feet and little short tail . Its colour changes depending on time of year .Winter coat rabbit painted white.This make it less noticeable in the snow. And by the summer his coat turns grey. This is a very nice animal.

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