Гусиная игра

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Лексическая игра для учащихся 7-8 классов «Гусиная игра»Учитель – Черевкова Елена Викторовна Jeu de l’oie Game of the goose 2 Where is Ruanda situated? 3 Which country has two horses with an eagle at the head on its coat of arms? 4 What is called the CORAL pearls in Seychelles? 5 How many regions are there in Cameroon? 7 un petit animal avec de longues oreilles. 8 Do you believe that Ruanda has got 3 official languages: English, French and Ruanda? 9 Which country has a traditional wedding custom for the bride to put on some weigh or she will be sent back to her parents? 10 By the name of whom were the Seychelles called? 11 What antelope, found only in Cameroon, causes men to spend thousands of dollars just to go to Cameroon to hunt it? Chevalle, Bongo, Titi, Reebok 12 13 What is Ruanda’s nickname? 14 Complete the list of cinema studios with the Nigerian one – Hollywood, Bollywood…. 15 What is the Seychelles twin of MONT BLANC? 16 Benoue National Park is famous for what large animals? 17 18 Which country hymn is it? What does the "Rwanda nziza" mean? 20 Moya-Moya – is this a traditional Nigerian dish, drink or the name of one of the Nigerian tribes? 21 Who is the Seychelles’ Esmiralda and what is she famous for? 22 When did Cameroon become independent? 23 24 Raffia is a type of boat, house or a palm? 25 Which holiday is unimaginable without a carnival in Nigeria: Christmas, Hallowe’en or the Independence day? 26 What do these words mean: Sungalo, Brodaco, Cader, Kussupa? 27 What is the name of the Cameroon national soccer team? Indomitable Lions, Kumbo Strikers, Screaming Eagles, Free Boys 28 29 Continue the sentence: “Ruanda is famous for…” 30 What unites Russia and Nigeria? 32 What is the favourite pirates’ shelter? Nigeria, Ruanda, Seyshelles or Cameroun? 33 Do you know which country in African continent is called as “Africa in miniature”? 34 35 What do the words “hutu, tutsy and hva” mean? 36 Id Ul-Fitr – is this the name of the biggest Nigerian mountain, the name of the longest river or the religious holiday? 37 38 What is the national anthem of Cameroon? “O Cameroon, Cradle of our Forefathers” "O Land of Our Birth" 39 Une chaussette, c'est fait pour avoir chaud au pied. 40 WATU is the word in suahilli, try to translate it in English? 41 The colony of which country was Nigeria? 43 Moutia is the typique dance, the element of the traditional Seychelles clothes or the traditional Seychelles musical instrument? 44 What material is often used to make houses in Cameroon? 46 47 What did the word RUANDA come from? 49 Gele is this the traditional dress, hat drink or dessert of Nigeria? 50 The well-known word “bonhomme” has a different meaning in the Seychelles? What is it? 51 How can the word Cameroon be translated in Portuguese? The country of clay, the country of fish, the country of mussels, the country of shrimps, the country of flowers 52 53

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