Х. Новая надезхда

Ващук Елена, 6 класс
МБОУ Ясиновская СОШ, х. Новая Надежда
Куйбышевского района, Ростовской обл.
Учитель: Агаркова Валентина Викторовна
I’m Vaschuk Helen. I’m twelve, I’m in the sixth form, I like playing football and volleyball. I’m doing well at school.
As for me the Native place is a place where I was born and I live. And I live in a beautiful village with a very good and warm name – Novaya - Nadejda. Here lives my family, friends with whom I meet very frequently.
My village is very beautiful and picturesque. In spring on streets is a mad aroma of a blossoming cherry extends. In summer the houses are buried in verdure of trees. And in autumn all turns in a multicoulored rainbow. In winter when the fluffy snow falls, all around calms down and becomes so easy on a soul.
In my village there is a big and beautiful kindergarten surrounded by high fur-trees. And my favourite school is in the center of village and round it raise beautiful flowers. Near it there is a tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On the school meetings we lay flowers on the graves. In our school there is a museum, in which are many interesting military exhibits. And on the way home from school there is a very big and cozy recreation center where we spend our free time and celebrate our holidays. Also there is a library with very wide choice of books and other editions.
In our village is a good tradition to celebrate days of streets. Every year in warm summer day workers of recreation center spend the big holiday for inhabitants of any one street. Arrange a concert, hold competitions, set a tasty table. During this holiday they choose the respected inhabitant of street.
I like my village very much and I am proud of living here.

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