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The author: Lipchak AuricaThe schoolgirl 8‘’B’’ class, school № 2 2013 year Halloween, or the eve of Day all sacred, is celebrated last day of October. As against numerous rituals this holiday is not reset overlooked. Opposite scope of his celebrating, for example, in USA is comparable with very popular Christmas History of a holiday Roots of this strange holiday withdraw us in depth of centuries, during a pre-Christian epoch when the grounds of Ireland, Northern France and England occupied tribes. Their year consisted of two parts - summer and winter. And transition of one season in another was marked by the termination of harvesting, it was marked on October, 31st and symbolized the beginning of new year. The rights were entered with winter. Night for November, 1st when under legends the border between the worlds alive opened and dead was called Samxain. Pagans gave to it great value and, to not fall prey to a shadow dead dressed up in animal heads and skins, extinguished the centers in the houses and all frightening kind frightened off ghosts. Halloween today As one of oldest holidays of the world, Halloween today is celebrated in many countries of the world. Not exception and Russia, where with each year ever more than people enables "dark" forces to take hold of itself for one night.About this holiday set of the books all over the world is written, some films and musicals are taken off. Each year millions toys, ridiculous masks and “awful" of costumes are let out. Even competitions on best Jack-o-lanterns will be carried out. Jack-o-lanterns By the integral attribute Halloween was also tradition to cut out on turnips, potatoes and later pumpkins the ridiculous persons, to place inside their candles, receiving a celebratory lantern Jack-o-lanterns. It is a lot of centuries back on ground Irish the smith on a name Jack lived. About cunning and avarice it legends to this day go. One of them says, that he could deceive of the Devil and, thus, to receive the promise dirty, that that never will attempt upon soul of the smith. However, the sins Jack have not allowed it to get and in paradise. And it was released to wander by the ground about day Courting, shining a way by the slice coal protected from a wind by an ordinary pumpkin. The priests - druids trusted that at one time cats were the people, but after death of their soul were moved in bodies of the cats as punishment for their malicious businesses. For this reason they considered the cats as sacred animals and used them in worship idols of October 31 and November 1. Thus cats, and especially black symbolized evil. Also they were a symbol реинкарнации black cats Costumes on a holiday The celebratory menu Stew of beans with pork Cheese fondue in a pumpkin Cheese corn bread Cupcakes with peanut butter Lemonade " Green slime " Nightmare martini (alcoholic) Milk-pumpkin cocktail Harry Potter (soft) Halloween in a Russia In Russia Halloween has appeared absolutely recently and popularity it to not be compared yet to popularity American Halloween. But, nevertheless, he already has found the traditions and admirers. Very much many entertaining institutions last day of October prepare for the visitors various Halloween-party. However at an official level, all is not so is healthy. Halloween - alien Russia a holiday, are convinced in Moscow patriarchy and of Advice Mufti of Russia. And still it is not necessary to suit to business too seriously, you see it is simple a holiday, and kindly all the same wins evil, therefore celebrate on health and I have fun up to fall.

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