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                                                                                                       HAPPY HALLOWEEN 6th formЦели: Познакомить учащихся с традиционным праздником Halloween;
            Развивать лексические и коммуникационные навыки
1 Видеофрагмент «Хэллоуин в Великобритании»
2 рулона туалетной бумаги
3 1 мешочек с бобами и коробка в форме тыквы
3 листа со словом Halloween3 листа с заданиями на письмо
6Самодельные плакаты с изображениями атрибутов праздника
Good afternoon, dear children! Today is 30(th) of October and tomorrow it will be Halloween. Today we’ll learn about this holyday and have fun taking part in different traditional activities.
It is origins date back hundreds of year to the Druid festival of Samhain, Lord of the Dead and Prince of Darkness. He gathered up the souls to present them to Druid Heaven on 31st of October. The Sun God shares the holiday and received thanks for the year’s harvest.
     The Druid New Year begins on the 1st of November. Winter comes and the Lord of Dead rules. So there are many ghost, witches, skeletons and cats. Druids lighted huge bonfires to frighten away evil spirit. And we can see bonfires on Halloween today.
          Long ago, many people believed that on a certain autumn night dead spirits came back to earth. And people held a festival that was the start of our Halloween. This festival was on October 31, the evening before All Saint’s Day. People built fires on hilltops to scare off the ghosts. They also scared the ghosts away by wearing costumes made of animal heads and skins.
        Traces of the festival remain in our Halloween custom. Only today ghosts are children under sheets. The Halloween colours, too, are orange and black. It was time when orange flames lit up the black night. It’s not really a religious holiday; it’s a holiday for children.
          On Halloween party. The children pick large orange pumpkin, cut the eyes, nose and mouth and put lights inside them to scare their friends. These lights are called “Jack-or- the lanterns”.
           A man, named Jack, was kept out of Heaven because he was stingy and expelled from Hell for playing tricks on the Devil.
     Now let’s learn some new words on the topic Halloween. You can see them on the walls of the classroom.
Now let’s play a game – you should choose the right word. The team who will have more correct answers is the winner. For each right answer you’ll have 10 points.  Let’s start!
I Went Into a Haunted House:
Ss sit in a circle. Student A says "I went into the haunted house and saw a witch". Student B continues: "I went into the haunted house and saw a witch and a black cat". Continue around the circle. 
4.  How many words can you make from HALLOWEEN?
WRITING TASKS (1- I invited real monsters to my Halloween party and they… 2) My jack-o’-lantern came alive and told me…)
5. Competition № 2 MAKE A MUMMY
        The task is very easy – as fast as possible to wrap a member of your team like a mummy!
(музыка monster mash)
One person is 'IT', the others must sit or lay as motionless and expressionless zombies. The person who is 'IT' must do whatever they can to make the zombies smile, giggle, or wiggle in any way without touching them! When 'IT' gets a zombie to wiggle, giggle, or smile, that zombie then joins 'IT' in trying to get others to smile, giggle, or wiggle. The last zombie wins!
7. Pumpkin Bean Bag.
      Вырежьте из картона маску и раскрасьте ее желтым или оранжевым цветом. Вместо носа, глаз и рта вырежьте отверстия, в которые можно было бы бросить небольшой мячик. За попадание в «рот»-5 очков, «нос»-10, и по 20 очков за каждый «глаз». Американские дети обычно бросают “bean bag”- мешочек, наполненный бобами, отсюда и название игры.
8. Competition №  GRAVE YARD HUNT
    One team should leave the room for some time while the second team is hiding a skeleton and ghosts in the room. When they return they should find all ghosts and a skeleton as quickly as possible.
        The captain will be searching for the skeleton.
        Use the words to help him:
   Very spooky – страшно (если совсем рядом)
    spooky – страшно (если близко)
    I’m not afraid – я не боюсь (если далеко)
    Children go trick-or-treating on Halloween and people usually give them sweets, biscuits, fruits (especially apples). Children knock at the door and say:  “Trick or treat, trick or treat,
                       Give us something good to eat,
                       Give us candy, give us cake,
                       Give us something good to take.
                       Hurry up and do it quick
                       Or we’ll surely play a trick!
                       Trick or treat, trick or treat,
                       Give us something good to eat”
  Someone took the candy from my trick-or-treat bag. Let’s find out who did it”.
     Sit in a circle and repeat after me “Who took the candy from a trick or treat bag…?”
ИТОГИ: I hope you liked this lesson. It was full of fun and we learn what is Halloween and how people celebrate it.

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