Халлоwеен 7 а моисеева

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Hallowe’en Ученицы 7 класса “A”ГБОУ Лицей 1598 Моисеевой Полины 31 October is Hallowe’en. This festival celebrates the return of the souls of the dead who come back to visit places where they lived. People dress up as witches, ghosts, devils, cats or bats. Houses are decorated with pumpkins with candles inside them. Some children follow the American custom called Trick or Treat. They knock at your house and ask, "Trick or treat?" If you give some money or some sweets (a treat), they go away. If not, they can play a trick on you, like splashing water in your face. No Hallowe'en party is complete without a scary story. Usually people crowd together around a fire on Hallowe'en night and tell a scary story in a low voice.

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