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Scary questions20406080100Monster riddles20406080100Halloween symbols20406080100Superstitions20406080100Costumes20406080100 20 pointsWhat country started the traditions that led to celebrating Halloween?China Mexico Irelandback

40 pointsWhere does this song come from? Name the movie.Ghostbustersback
60 pointsWho is the most famous ghost? Casperback
80 pointsThe scent of what strong smelling food is often thought to keep vampires away?Garlicback

100 pointsHow many bones make up a human skeleton? 206back
20 pointsI was wrapped in white and buried in my tomb a long time ago. Now, I wait in the dark with my golden treasures all around. Outside the sand piles high over top my tomb.A mummyback

40 points I walk through walls as I please. Sometimes you can see me and sometimes you can't. I moan and I groan. I rattle chains. You find me in old houses, graveyards, and castles.A ghostback
60 pointsMost of the time, you would never guess I was a monster because I look just like you. But once a month, I let my hair down and howl at the moon. But beware! If I bite you will become like me.A werewolfback
80 pointsDressed in black, I cook potions, I cast spells, and I put curses on people. If you bother me or my cat, you'll sit on a lily pad and eat flies. A witchback
100 pointsWelcome! Have a seat. Dinner will be served shortly. Sorry we don't have any garlic bread. I can't stand it. What am I drinking you ask? Don't worry . . . it's . . um . . . grape juice. Now just relax while I look at your neck.A vampireback

20 pointssomething used to cover your face A maskback

40 pointsclothes people wear to look like another person or thing A costumeback
60 pointsYou make it out of a large, round, orange vegetable Jack-o-Lanternback

80 pointsAs they say this character according to the novel lived in Transylvania, RomaniaDraculaback
100 pointsIn ancient religions, they were considered to be reincarnated beings with the ability to divine the future. During the Middle Ages it was believed that witches could turn themselves into them. Who are they?Black catsback
20 pointsWhat will happen if a black cat crosses your way?You will be unlucky/ it will bring you bad luckback
40 pointsWhat will happen to a girl if she catches the bride´s bouquet?she will be the next to get marriedback
60 pointsWhat should you wear in your pocket if you want to be lucky?a rabbit´s footback
80 pointsWhat will happen if you scratch your left hand?you will give money awayback
100 pointsyou will have a seven years´ bad luck if you break this thingA mirrorback
20 pointsbackWhite sheetA ghost
40 pointsbackA dress, wings, a magic stickA fairy
60 pointsbackFacial hair, gloves with clutches, a tailA werewolf
80 pointsbackA black cloak, canine teeth A vampire
100 pointsbackLeather chaps with spurs, ten-gallon hat A cowboy

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