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Halloween People celebrate this festival on the 31st of October Elf Halloween Symbols “Jack-o`-lantern” Pumpkin Skeleton Ghost Black cat Witch Goblin Troll White Lady Halloween Symbols Skeleton Pumpkin White Lady Witches Ghost Goblin Black cat black and orange Halloween Colors «Если не угостите, то мы вам насолим !» “Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat Give Us Something Good to Eat!”  Halloween nightSaw a witch and shrieked in fright.The witch just laughed and shouted, “Boo!”One ghost ran home and that left too.    Trick or treat,Trick or treat,Give us something good to eat.Give us something sweet to take.Give us cookies, fruit and gum,Hurry up and give us some.You had better do it quick.Or we’ll surely play a trick.Trick or treat, trick or treat,Give us something good to eat.      ”Guess the riddles”. I fly at night because I don't like light. . I've got a black cat and a big pointed hat. Who am I? I'm scary and white. I come out at night. Who am I? I've got soft black fur. When you hold me I purr. Who am I? I'm round on all sides. I've got a light inside. Who am I? “Who is who?” Here 're four witches: Abra, Wabra, Dabra and Cadabra. Guess who is who. Use the clues below. 1. Dabra hasn't got a broom. 2. Wabra hasn't got a big hat. 3. Dabra and Abra haven't got long noses. 4. The fat witch isn't Cadabra. 5. Abra isn't standing next to Wabra.

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