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Halloween's spiritsmade by Kupina MarySchool №7 WARNING!This presentation about Halloween's spirits. Can to make fear. Request all nervous go away. It is necessary to remember that on the night of eve of Day of all sacred, you can see exotic essence. With vampires and gnomes we somehow will consult. And what to do, if you will meet little-known characters? 10 PLACEBrownieThe Scottish brownie-hohlik. Usually lives in mountains and woods, but can live in house .It is very useful at home, but until to it won't forget to leave some milk and a batch. On streets Brauni happen, only he finds for a new house, it is very angry on former owners. 9 PLACEBrooksThe Portuguese vampire of a female. It is beautiful woman, maybe, married and having children. At night Brooks turns to a bird, attacks people and sucks blood. To kill Brooks it is impossible, there are no such ways. Alone protection — care and a prayer. 8 PLACENightmaresThe Polish spirits and monsters. Torments people by cruel dreams. By the way, in many languages there are the words deduced from "Mary" meaning nightmare: der Mahr (it.), nightmare (English), mora (Iberian). The true way from Nightmares – not to sleep! BrukolakVersion of the vampire which meets in Moldova and Transylvania. «Most of all harmful». However, Brukolak don't attack those who isn't afraid.7 PLACE 6 PLACEDoppelgangerThe mysterious character, can coping the person and to replace it or kill . The fairy "gets over" in a body unfortunate, it "replaces" in itself. 5 PLACEThe Irish spirit, old woman with long hair fluttering on wind, dressed in a green tatter(лохмотья). Its shrill (пронзительно воет) and melancholy howl can deprive of will(лишить воли).Simple way to avoid this - listen something, except howling, for example, radio.Banshi 4 PLACERoaring animalAnimal really awful: face - snake, body - leopard, and knees – a deer, from it at it leaves howl sounds as if thirty dogs lift bark(лай). VivernThe sort of a dragon having only one (back) pair of foot, and in place of hand - wings. Very long, mobile tail ands in sting(жало) in a kind an arrow or spear tip(стрелка или наконечник копья). With dragon, you must be are faster.3 PLACE 2 PLACERevenantSpirit died, coming back in the form of a awful ghost(ужасный призрак), to a place of the death(место смерти). Revenant often go crowds(толпы) then they funny jumping up, run on gates (подворотня). 1 PLACEAnkouOne of the most terrible demons of Brittany, isn't such being which Bretons were afraid more than Ankou, because this phantom can foretell death(предвещать смерть). Thin, as a skeleton, tall , gray-haired. It is dressed in a black coat and a cap. Appears(появляется) on eyes to people only on awfully creaking cart harnessed (запряженная) by awfully thin horse. Possible to deceive(обмануть) if to overtake(обогнать) a cart.

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