Хаппы счоол 5 класс

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Happy school An interesting trip through school subjects Maths Physical Education At this subject we run, jump, skip and play football or volleyball. Art At this subject we draw pictures of people, animals, houses, flowers and so on. English language Music At this subject we listen to music, and sing different sons. Science At this subject we learn about animals and nature. We read books and run experiments. 49 91 52 84 21 99 3 87 60 68 17 56 78 45 80 97 + PLUS - MINUS = IS Maths (do the sums) 22+27= 38+53= 93- 41= 67+17= 58- 37= 88+11= 19- 16= 62+25= 91- 31= 13+55= 29- 12= 85- 29= 47+31= 72- 27= 20+60= 59+38= Name the shapes square circle triangle Answer: 7 – 2 + 5 = 10 (apples) Solve the word problem Masha had 7 apples, she gave 2 apples to Lena. Then Tom gave Masha 5 apples. How many apples does Masha have? Physical education Hands up! Hands down! Hands on hips, sit down! Stand up, hands to the sides - Bend left, bend right. one, two, three, hop, one, two, three, stop. Stand still! PINOKIO Art (draw a picture) He has got a big head.He’s got two blue eyes, one long nose, one big red mouth and two ears. His hair is short, blond and curly. He has got a thin body, two long arms and two long legs. He has got a red and white long cap with a tassel (кисточка), white and orange shirt, blue shorts, red and white socks and brown shoes. He has got a big book in his hand. It is an “Alphabet”. He wants to go to school. Can you tell his name? English (Find the opposites) Smart White Fast Quiet Boy Big Beautiful Interesting Friendly Slow Unfriendly Small Ugly Stupid Dull Black Noisy Girl athletic, brave, clever, doctor, eleven, fox, green, hand, instrument, language, musical, onion, printer, queen, rain, scientist, vase, worker, yellow, zoological. Put the words in alphabetical order doctor, athletic, printer, green, language, fox, clever, brave, eleven, worker, yellow, queen, hand, musical, instrument, rain, scientist, vase, zoological, onion. Make up as many words as you can: (11 words) to dile hob sis basket ap ter brot her croco mot foot mu by ball toma fat ple sic 1. sister 2. mother 3. father 4. brother 5. apple 6. music 7. hobby 8. crocodile 9. tomato 10. basketball 11. football Fill in the gaps with am/is/are or have got/has got Dear Alex, My name __ Bob. I __ from England. I ___ four. I ____ ____a granny and grandpa. I ____ ____ a hobby. My hobby __drawing. My sport ___ running. Write back soon. Yours, Bob is am am have got is have got is Make up the dialogue using the phrases (фразы). Hi, my name is Tom! Yes, I’m. I’m from New York. Yes, it is. It’s very big!- I’m Linda. How are you? - I’m fine, thanks. Are you from America?- Is it big? - Hi, my name is Tom! - I’m Linda. How are you? - I’m fine, thanks. Are you from America? Yes, I’m. I’m from New York. Is it big? Yes, it is. It’s very big! HEAD SHOULDERS KNEES TOES 1 2 3 4 HEAD EARS MOUTH EYES NOSE Music Music Head and shoulders, knees and toes knees and toes. Head and shoulders, knees and toes knees and toes. Eyes and ears and mouth and nose; Head and shoulders, knees and toes knees and toes. TO LIVE + ing = LIVING Science LIVING THINGS NON-LIVING THINGS * tail, body, paw, beak, cop, wings, whiskers,fins, gills, hair. Science (Describe the animals)

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