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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The summary A Dementor attacked Potter. Harry used a Patronus charm. Then he got a letter from the Ministry. It was said that Harry was expelled from the school. But he won this case with a help of Dumbledor. A new academic year began. Harry has new teacher from the Ministry-Dolores Umbridge. Harry secretly makes Dumbledores Army. But Dolores has found this and she replaced Albus. But he disappears very effectively. Than Harry sees a nightmare visits the Forbidden wood with centaurs, flies to the Ministry on Thestral and with friends, meets Voldemort and learns about a prophecy. Negative characters Lord Voldemort Draco Malfoy Lucius Malfoy Bellatrix Lestrange Dolores Umbridge Positive characters Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Albus Dumbledore Rubeus Hagrid Sirius Black Cho Chang Ginny Weasley Arthur and Molly Weasley Neville Longbottom …and Luny Lovegood Material Loves pudding Gives good advice Goes skipping Always has her things stolen Can see Thestrals Blonde I have chosen her because she is unusual, strange and friendly. I like her because she is a little cranky. And she justifies blondes. Role in the film: gives some humor in the film. Addition This mythical creature (Thestral) is similar on Akhalteke breed of a horse. The End

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