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The project is completed by the students of the 10 formSchool 84:Emel’yanov AndrewDurbaev TimurGorya VyacheslavThe Teacher: Bystrova Veronika Sergeevna The Museum of Harry Potter This is the museum of Harry Potter in London, which was opened in 2012 in the Warner Bros. Studio on the territory of Leavesden Studios in Watford, where all eight films about the young wizard were taken .The Studio is located in a half hour drive from London to the suburbs Leavesen. The exposition of the Museum consists of many rooms, costumes and props, which are stored in the same form as when shooting movies. Location What you will see?On the territory of two huge film studios and on the open ground you can see the stunning scenery, for example, the huge layout of the school of magic and witchcraft Hogwarts, designed to visit the office of Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter’ house and Dursley’ house , village hogsmead with Screaming hut and owl mail. Typically, the excursion begins with the Main hall. In this hall all movies were shot for over 10 years.Here you will learn how portraits come suddenly alive on the walls, and you can virtually take a little trip on the magic broom.Computer graphics and special effects create the illusion of space and volume , here you begin to believe in the reality of the existence of many streets, a 3-storeyed bus and city scenes from the movies.

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