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HYPERLINK "http://landoneverything.tumblr.com/post/95080224195/harry-potter-tongue-twisters" HARRY POTTER TONGUE TWISTERS
Tongue twisters are fun - even more so when they're Harry Potter related. Know of anyone good ones? No? Then make one up! Let's see if we can get creative! The best I've got:
1.If six slithering snakes slithered up to Slytherin, would sixty slippery slippers stop Slytherin simply slipping?
2.Severus Snape severed several snakes. 
3.Harry Potter’s hairy porter harried hurried portly potters.
4.Sirius Black’s back seriously backed back when Sirius sipped a series of black beers.
5.Cho Chang chose to chase Oliver’s love over choice olives. 

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