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Hatiko A Dog’s Story Actually people do not love dogs so much: They bark loudly, sometimes are shown and in general can bite. We don't think that dogs see much more evil from us, than we from dogs. Though it is so indeed. Moreover, people unlike dogs betray even close friends quite often, and we are to learn from four-footed colleagues... Picture is about unusual and incredible devotion of a dog to the owner which should be seen by everyone. "Hatiko" — is improbably touching film shot on a real history, moved million hearts. Now you can learn about it too. The professor of university Parker Wilson finds a lost puppy at the station which was sent from Japan to America. Parker decides to keep the puppy. The dog lives with the professor for some time and they made real friends. Hatiko sees the owner to the station when he goes to work every day. And he comes to meet him in the evening. But once something irreparable happens. Parker Wilson dies during his lecture in university. But that evening the dog anyway comes to the station at the same time that. Hatiko didn't pass uniform day. The daughter of the professor decided to keep Hatiko. But the dog ran away and stayed at the station to be closer to the dear place. Workers of the station admired the dog and fed up it... Soon newsdealers learnt about the unusual dog. And Hati becomes a hero of the press. For the rest of the natural Hati daily comes to station to train arrival, and waits till the evening that just about his owner leaves the next train. At the station Sibuya in Japan there is a monument to Hatiko's dog. It gives people a lesson of true love and devotion. Genre: the drama Director: Lasse Hallstryom Producer: Richard Gere, Bill Johnson, Wicca Shigekuni Wong Scriptwriter: Stephen Lindsay Composer: Jan Kachmarek Movie company :Stage 6 Films Inferno Distribution Hachiko Year 2009 The film is based on real events. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagava Richard Gere Joan Allen Jason Alexander Sara Remer In leading roles

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