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Created by Grushina Angelina Form 6 ASchool № 61 «My favourite film». Coming back home, the professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere)and his friend met at the station a very lovely, nice dog. His friend who was Japanese offered Parker to take the dog at home. But Parker did not agree with him. Parker᾽s friend took the dog with himself and one day he told Parker a legend about this dog. Its breed was Hatiko. It is very faithful and devoted Japanese dog. It chooses the owner once and for ever. After this story Parker came to the decision to take the dog. Hatiko and the professor Parker became true friends. The man didn't leave the dog for a minute. Professor Wilson went every morning by train for a work. He taught the students music. And Hatiko as the true friend saw him off every morning and exactly at 5 p.m. ran back to the station to meet its favourite owner. But once the professor died at the lecture at the institute. Hatiko as the true friend of Parker continued to come to the station every day. It lasted for 9 years. Exactly at 5 p.m. the dog went to the station and waited... waited and waited for its master… The dog waited for him at sunny weather, at stormy weather. And one fine day the dog meets the owner in its dream… I think they will live happily. Hatiko day after day, year after year saw off at the station waiting for a meeting with the owner. When it died in Japan in 20 years the monument in honor of Hatiko on that place where it continued to wait for appearance of the owner was established. Richard Gere played his role very well. The movie was based on real events. This kind and simple story is about the man and the dog who founded each other. The love of this dog shocked everyone. This is the most unusual story which I happened to see and hear.

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