Хаве цан бе

Have/has can am/is/are
He _______ a good friend.
I _________ swim well.
She ________got a pet. It’s a cat.
We _________ in the park.
They _________ in the classroom.
_________ you help me?
John _______ ride a horse.
How old ____________ you?
How old ____________ your dog?
I _________ ten.
I __________ from Russia.
My name _________ Vladimir.
She ________ a good pupil.
My sister ______ speak English well.
Susan _______ got a nice dress.
I ___________ got a brother.
My brother __________ read.
They _____________ a lot of roses.
Mary ________ from London.
My friends ________ in the garden.
How old __________ your Granny?
They _________ skate well.
___________ got a rabbit?
His father ________ a doctor.
Her mother ________ a teacher.
Alice _________ sing well.
A mouse ___________ a little house.
Nick __________ got a computer.
My mum and dad ______ at home.
My dog’s name ______ Rex.
Rex _________ run and jump well.
A giraffe ________ got a long neck.
A crocodile ________ a strong tail.
The crocodile ________ angry.
My dog __________ black.
____________ you play tennis?
I ________________ a new computer game.
They _____________ a white car.
The car ___________ in the garage.
I _____________ not at home now.
My dogs __________ in the forest.
Rick ______________ play chess and checkers.
Jack and John ____________ good friends.
Helen _____________ a good pupil.

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