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Have you ever been to a National Park? The aim is a) to work.b) to enjoy the place.c) to study. Let’s do some phonetic drillsNational William Wordsworth mountainsNational park Windermere Smoky MountainsYellowstone Scafell reserveCanyon Coleridge regionGrand Canyon  Which of the question can you find information about national parks in your text? Answer them.What is a national park?What are national parks for? How many national parks are there in Britain and in the USA?What are some of these parks? What kinds of people visit them?What can they enjoy there? National parks are …The aims of national parks are …The first national park appeared in …There are … national parks in …The most famous national parks are …The most interesting park in the USA is …… live there.The first national park in Britain is …It is popular …It has … The first national park appeared in _____ in 1872.One of the most interesting parks in the USA is ____ in ____.Water birds, ____, ____, ____ are protected there.In Britain the first ____ park was founded in 1949. It was ___.It has the ___ lake and the ___ mountain in England. 1. There are … national parks in Russia.a) 25 b) 23 c) 502. There are about … nature reserves in Russia.a) 100 b) 50 c) 803. National parks protecta)animals and birdsb) people c) the countryside4. People are … to visit nature reserves a) allowedb) not allowed Protect nature!Don’t destroy wildlife!Don’t disturb animals!Don’t pollute nature! Your hometask for the next lesson: - to tell your foreign friends about the nature reserve in the Tambov region. If possible – find or draw illustrations to your stories Thank you for the lesson!

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