Контрольная работа 11 класс. Биболетова

1. Complete the sentences with articles  (a/an or the) as necessary.
1. Yesterday I bought   …  pair of  …  shoes.
2.   …  United States of America is located  in   …  North America between      … Canada and  …      Mexico. The official language of   …    USA  is  …   English language.
3. Look at  …  moon. It is shining brightly.
4. Ludwig van Beethoven was    …       great composer.
5.    …      youngest brother is at    …         school now.
2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word.
1. In this school we study languages that are less … in Russia.
2. If I want to enter the university I must get an … mark on the exam.
3. The new method of learning English is very … , but I don’t think it is … for everyone.
4. I think that usage of this language is very … .5. She is a very … person. She will do the task in time.
6. He is extremely … .He wants to learn several languages and become a diplomat.
7. His English is perfect. Some people think he is a … English speaker.

(tradition, excellence, interest, effective, limit, response, ambition, nature)
3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the passive voice.
1. During the last lesson students … (expose) to some authentic language.
2. At the moment the intensive language courses … (organize).
3. A new French textbook … (write) recently.
4. Some people think that soon a simplified version of English … (use) by many people.
5. They said that the book … (translate) from German in 1989.
4. Divide the words into two groups and translate.
For: Against:
To approve of something, to be against something, to be in favour of something, to be negative towards something, to be positive towards something, to disapprove of something, to oppose something, to oppose something, to support something.

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