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Healthy Fast food?!Kovalenker Natalia 10a Sushi-dish of traditional Japanese quisine.Sushi Ingredients: - rice, - seafood, - seaweed, - cream cheeseSushi This is a kind of healthy fast food. It can be made of fruit or vegetables, and can be mixed, tooFresh saladIngredients:- red and yellow cherry-tomatoes,- mixed salad (lettuce, arugula etc.),- mozzarella cheese,- capers,- olive oil,- salt, pepper Fresh fruit and berries contain a lot of useful vitamins. Fruit are very tasty and also good in fruit salads Fruit Fresh juice can be fruit and vegetable (for example, the juice from the broccoli, carrots, celery, tomato)Fruit juice from apples, oranges, pineapple, grapefruit is one of top-favourite breakfast drinks all over the world.Fresh Juices Sticks of fresh carrots are sold at McDonald's. But it is a useful snack as they are rich of vitamins.Carrot sticks Thank you for your attention Presentation is prepared by Kovalenker Natalya, 10 A

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