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Healthy Lifestyle (HLS) The basic rules of healthy lifestylePhysical training and sportsWork and restSleepPower mode Physical training and sportsIt is necessary to include in the mode of the day morning exercises , walking outdoors and physical education and sports. Exercise strengthens muscles , the body becomes stronger and stronger and feel much better. Work and restIf you are engaged in mental work , these minutes can be spent on physical exercise . It stimulates the brain , improves the flow of blood through the vessels to the heart, brain , as well as to all the organs and tissues. Deep sleep Bedtime useful exercise breathing exercises for 10-15 minutes. This improves the performance of the lungs, heart, normalizes sleep. Power modeFood eaten without the hustle and bustle , well chewed , easily digested and absorbed by the body . Is there a better 3-4 times a day at intervals of 4-4.5 hours . SmokingAlcoholismAddictionStop bad habits Healthy Lifestyle It is clear that physical education and sports affect a healthy lifestyle, improve quality of life.

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