Word Building. Adjectives_7 класс (Биболетова М.З.)

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Phonetic drill What nasty weather we are having today.It’s really cold, freezing and windy all day.Cloudy, snowy, stormy todayI think it will be sunnier and brighter the other day. World Building. Adjectives Корневое слово Суффикс, его значение Производное слово Глагол act - действоватьcreate – творить, создавать - ive active (деятельный)creative (творческий) work - работатьforget - забывать -able/ - ible workable (пригодный к работе, годный для работы)unforgettable (незабываемый)Примечание: на русский язык часто переводится с помощью слов «можно/ нельзя» World Building. Adjectives Корневое слово Суффикс, его значение Производное слово Существительное fun – шуткаdirt – грязь -y funny (смешной)dirty (грязный) energy – энергияhistory – история - ic energetic (энергичный)historic (исторический, имеющий историческое значение) music – музыкаhistory – история - al musical (музыкальный)historical (исторический, относящийся к истории) wonder – чудоbeauty – красота FulНаличие качества (от прилаг-го «full» - полный) wonderful (чудесный)beautiful (красивый) danger – опасность - ous dangerous (опасный) World Building. Adjectives Корневое слово Суффикс, его значение Производное слово Название страны, континента Russia - РоссияItaly - Италия - (i)an Russian (русский)Italian (итальянский) Причастие speaking - говорящий(the boy speaking in a loud voice – мальчик, говорящий громким голосом) - ing The English-speaking countries (англоговорящие (англоязычные) страны) Make up the adjectives with the suffix -ful care beauty hope use power thank harm colour Make up the adjectives with the suffix -al centre culture form intellect accident comic Make up the adjectives with the suffix -y cloud dirt fog frost rain sun wind thirst Make up the adjectives and explain 1. It was the ... conference. (nation) 2. Radiation is a ... invisible pollutant. (danger) 3. Radiation is ... f or the health. (harm) 4. This actress was very ... in her career. (success) 5. There are many ... programmes on TV. (entertain) 6. TV is one of the most... means of communication. (effect) 7. A....computer is a common one. (digit) 8. Pupils are taught... subjects. (differ) 9. My friend studies at the... college. (economy) 10. We live in a... room. (comfort) Change the words on thee right Water pollution is a serious (1)________ problem today.“Water, water everywhere, not any drop to drink,” said the sailor from Coleridge’s poem describing to a friend how awful it was to be without drinking water on a ship in the middle of the ocean. It is strange to think  that the water around his ship was probably quite safe to drink. ECOLOGY It was (2)________ - but not polluted. SALT The sea waters today are much more (3)______ . DANGER Many seas are used for dumping (4)________ and nuclear waste. INDUSTRY Make the correct choice Clara is so energetic/energy – she always wins all the school competitions.My ambition/ambitious is to become a pilot.He came up with a really creation/creative solution to the problem.The most important quality for a friend is a sense of adventure/adventurous.Young people often depend/dependent on their parents financially.Laura is very compete/competitive. She takes part in so many sports.

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