Хеалтхы минд хеалтхы боды

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Healthy brain, healthy bodyThe plan of the lesson VOCABULARY: Let’s repeat the words you know about health. Let’s learn some new words.GRAMMAR: How to give advice? MODAL VERBSVIDEO: How to look after your brain? HOMETASK Goals for the lesson Explain new words in EnglishRemember new wordsUnderstand the video What words do you already know about To keep a diet To stay positive To keep moving To solve riddles To manage the stress Is his brain healthy? NO! He needs some advice! How to give advice? SHOULD/SHOULDN’T MUST/MUSTN’T Let's plactise! You should look after your health.You shouldn’t play video games too much time.You mustn’t use mobile phones at the lessons.If you want to feel good you should keep a diet..You mustn’t be late for the lesson.You look terrible. You must manage the stress! If you want to train your brain, you should solve riddles.You shouldn’t spend so many hours in front of the computer.You mustn’t forget her birthday again.You must come to school on time.You shouldn’t eat much sugar.You should stay positive if you want to be healthy. Let’s give him some advice! Hometask Please, write an essay "What I should do to keep my brain healthy"

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