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Aircraft Barrel Crew Grenade launcher Infantry Missile Machine gun Sight Target Track Wheel Turret Royal Air Force Planes Helicopters RAF goggles rescue searching operates reconnaissance casualties sight stretcher He risked his life to …. the girl.The RAF …. 827 aircraft.There was a terrible accident yesterday with several …..They lifted the injured man and put him on the …..You need a weapon …. to shoot effectively.When you ski in the mountains, you should wear …. to protect your eyes from the sun.The police is …. for the man who robbed the bank last Monday.He was sent on a ….. mission to find information on enemy plans. Name Went into service & number in the RAF It’s role The crew Can carry (people & freight) Armament Self-defense suite Took part in When did the helicopter enter the service? What is it used for? How many of the helicopters has RAF got? How many people does the crew consist of? How many troops / How much freight can it carry? How many stretchers for casualty evacuation can it carry? What armament has it got? What defensive equipment is it fitted with? What operations has it been used in? The Lynx The Chinook The Puma The Merlin

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