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Hello from Russia! This project is made for our American friends. We would like to tell you a little about our school in Kurganinsk. This is our school building. Our school is situated in the center of our town. To the left of the school there is a sports stadium and a church. On the right there is a market and many shops. It is the oldest of all the town’s schools: it was 100 years old in 2012.Our school is named in honor of V. Serov, a hero of the Soviet Union, his bust is situated in the center of school grounds. In our country schools are given numbers, our school is School Number 1. We have more than 1000 students. There are the primary grades from the 1st to 4th classes(6-11 years old), secondary grades from the 5th to 9th classes(12-16 years old) and the high grades from the 10th to 11th classes(17-18 years old). After the 9 class students can stay in the school to continue their education or leave and go to college. Pupils study maths, Russian, biology, geography, technology, history of Russia, physics and so on. We also love to do sports. Earlier students studied English and German. A part from a small group of 5 students that take German but all school now studies only English. As well as classrooms we also have a canteen, a gym, a dressing room, a library and, behind the school, a sports ground. Here are some photographs. This is a timetable. This is our dressing room. This is the ground floor corridor. This is the first floor corridor. This is our canteen. These are entries for an art competition. This is our new sports ground. Like most of the world New Year in Russia is celebrated on the night of 31th December. We celebrate Christmas on the 6th January: in school we set up and dressed a Christmas tree and pupils produced wonderful decorations. Now we want to say a few words about our class. We are in the 8th form and there are 30 students in our class. Everyone is very friendly and we travel together around the Krasnodar region. We’re not boring to be with! We hope that we have given you some idea about our school! Bye from Russia! All the best!

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