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HENRY VIII and his six WivesВыполнили: Борщева Ксенья и Диброва Анна HENRY VIII (1491-1547)He was a very important monarch. Under him Britain became independent of Roman Catholic Church.In 1534 Parliament named Henry VIII head of the Church of England He was very cruel and powerful. Most people remember him because he had six wives Katherine of Aragon was Henry’s wife and queen for twenty-four years.She was Spanish and first came over to England to marry Henry’s brother Arthur, but he died. Then she married Henry. She was his wife and queen for 24 years. Henry divorced Katherine because he wanted a son and she only gave him a daughter, Princess Mary. Years before Katherine gave him a son –Henry, Prince of Wales, but he died when he was seven weeks old. Katherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn She was very clever woman.Men fell in love with her.Henry was in love with her for7 years before they married. Anne BoleynAfter divorce Henry VIII married Anne but they were only married for three and a half years. He soon became tired of her.He wanted a son, but she gave him a daughter, Princess Elizabeth. She nearly had another baby, but she had miscarriage after only a few month. Henry was very angry, three month later Anne was in the Tower of London. She was beheaded on the 19-th May,1536 Jane SeymourTen days after Anne’s death Jane became the third wife of the King.She was quiet and careful. She gave the king a son ,Edward and she died in 1537. Anne of ClevesAfter queen Jane’s death Henry was very sad and lonely and he wanted a new wife.Someone told him about Anne of Cleves, a German Princess. Anne of ClevesHe sent his artist Holbein to paint a picture of her. Henry saw the picture and decided to marry her immediately.When he saw her he was very surprised. She wasn’t beautiful and she couldn’t speak EnglishHe couldn’t change things. He had to marry ugly Anne.After six months they divorced. Katherine HowardBefore Katherine married Henry, she had lovers. After her wedding she began to see Thomas Culpeper.Henry knew it and sent him to prison and Katherine to the TowerShe was beheaded in 1541 Catherine ParrHenry saw her at Hampton Court Palace.She was 31 years and Henry became her third husband.Henry VIII died in 1547After his death, she married Thomas Seymour in May 1547.

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