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Ten days after Ann Boleyn's execution the king married his third wife, Jane Seymour, who did give him a son, but died twelve days later.Jane Seymour All in all Henry VIII had six wives. As he grew older the king became suspicious and ruthless. His fifth wife, Catherine Howard, was beheaded in the Tower, and the last one, Catherine Parr, would have followed her, but she was lucky enough to survive the king.Catherine HowardCatherine Parr King Henry VIII left three children: Mary by Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth by Anne Boleyn and Edward, the Prince of Wales, by Jane Seymour. MaryElizabethEdward The children's father never thought that each of his children would rule England after him. He couldn't foresee either that his second daughter, Elizabeth, whom he never loved and proclaimed illegitimate, would become Queen Elizabeth I, the greatest monarch England has ever known.Elizabeth I HENRY VIII (1509-1547)Claim to fameGot rid of the Catholic Church in England and made himself head of the new Church. That gave him the chance to divorce his first wife and also to steal the riches of the Catholic Church. He built the first modern navy.He liked hunting, eating, riding, eating, archery, eating, music, eating... and getting his own way.All in all he had six wives. Choose the correct beginning or ending.1) The Tudor family came to power ....after the Hundred Years' Warafter the War with Irelandafter the Wars of the Roses2) By 1521 Henry VIII had written an Anti-Lutheran book for which a grateful Pope awarded him the title of... .Supreme Head of his new churchDefender of the FaithHammer of the Scots3) Henry VIII closed the monasteries because ....he wanted to get their wealth and landshe was an atheisthe quarrelled with his first wife 4) Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon because ....she loved his brothershe didn't give him a sonshe had a nasty character5) Henry VIII had his second wife, Anne Boleyn, executed because ... .she didn't give him a sonshe had six fingers on her hand she was the mother of Elizabeth, who later became the greatest monarch England had ever known 6) Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church because ... .a) the Pope refused to allow Henry to divorce Catherine of Aragonb) the Pope told Henry that his marriage to Catherine was a sinc) Henry wanted to become a Protestant7) All in all Henry VIII had ... .a) eight wivesb) five wivesc) six wives8) Henry VIII wanted to have a son because ... .a) he thought that England would be weak if there were no King to follow himb) he hated girlsc) he wanted to have somebody to play football with 9) After Henry's death ... came to the throne.a) his daughter Elizabethb) his wife Anne Boleync) his son Edward10) ... became the greatest monarch England has ever known.a) Maryb) Elizabethc) Catherine of Aragond) Edward, Prince of Wales Используемая литература:Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю. Страницы британской истории. 2003

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