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Higher Education in Great Britain There are now 44 universities in the United Kingdom: 35 in England, 8 in Scotland, 2 in Northern Ireland and one in Wales. British universities can be divided roughly into three main groups: the old universities, the redbrick universities, which include all the provincial universities of the period 1850-1930; the new universities founded since the Second World War. In the group of old universities Oxford (1167) and Cambridge (1209) are the oldest ones.Oxford and Cambridge were the only universities in England, and there was no place for girls. At present there are 5 women’s colleges.These two universities differ greatly from all the others in general organization, methods of instructions, syllabuses, traditions, history, etc.They are based on colleges. Each college having about 300 students. The teachers there are commonly called “dons”. Part of the teaching is by means of lectures organized by the university.The typical academic programme for university students in Great Britain is composed of a varying number of courses or subjects. Three categories of academic activity– lectures, tutorials and examinations – provide the means by which students prepare themselves in specialized fields of knowledge in British universities.The course of study at a university lasts three or four years. In general Bachelor’s degree, the first academic degree, is given to the students who pass their examination at the end of the course: Bachelor of Arts, for history, philosophy, language and literature, etc., Bachelor of Science or Commerce or Music. Some universities have extra-mural departments. Besides universities there are 30 polytechnics, numerous colleges for more specialized needs, such as agriculture, accountancy, art and design and law, a few hundred technical colleges providing part-time and full-time education. It is common for students to leave home to study, and only 15 % of all university students live at home while they study. Котова Л.С.

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