Викторина «Англоязычные страны. Австралия. Канада. Новая Зеландия».

Составил: учитель английского языка
Коршунова Светлана Николаевна
МАОУ лицей 97 г. Челябинск, 2005 г.
When was Australia discovered?(1770)
Who discovered Australia? (James Cook)
When and where was gold discovered in Australia? (1851; about 300 km west of Sidney)
When did Australia gain independence from Great Britain? (1931)
Who are the Australian natives? (Aborigines)
What is the official language of Australia? (English)
What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)
Which city is Australia’s oldest and largest? (Sydney)
Which two animals can you see on the Australian coat of arms? (Kangaroo and Emu)
Which month is the hottest in Australia? (January)
When were Olympic Games held in Melbourne, in Sidney? (1956;2002)
Tropical climate makes this city a year – round vacation place? (Brisbane)
Capital of Australian island-state of Tasmania. (Hobart)
The most famous Australia’s mountain chain. (Great Dividing range)
What is the highest point of Australia? (Kosciusko)
What is the longest river in Australia? (The Darling)
What are the largest deserts in Australia? (Great Victoria; Great Sandy)
The best-known river in Australia? (The Murray)
The western state city. (Perth)
Capital of South Australia. It’s a pretty and industrial city.(Adelaide)
Capital of Victoria. Second largest city in Australia. (Melbourne)
Capital and the largest city of the Northern Territory. (Darwin)
What are the largest national parks of wild life? (They are 11:Kakadu national park, the Great Barrier Reef Marin Park, National park Uluru and others)
What is the official name of the country? (The Commonwealth of Australia)
Who is at the head of the country? (The Queen of Great Britain)
What is the currency in Australia? (The Australian dollar)
What marsupials can be found in Australia? (Kangaroos, possums, numbats, moles, koalas, wombats)
What animals eat eucalyptus leaves?(Koalas)
What flightless bird lives in Australia? (Emu)
Two of these animals are the only egg-laying mammals in the world. (Echidna, platypus)
A domestic animal which outnumbers people in Australia. (Sheep)
The largest lake in Australia is … (Eyre)
The name of this animal is the Aboriginal word meaning «no water». (Koala)
What animal often attack sheep and are dangerous for people? (Wild dog dingo)
Which animal is considered to be the king of Australians animals? (Kangaroo)
Which Australian bird is famous for its mocking laugh? (Kookaburra)
Which marsupial looks like an enormous rat? (Wombat)
Which of the Australian animals sleeps during the day? (Koala)
What is the most widely spread tree in Australia? ( Eucalyptus)
CanadaHow many provinces are there in Canada? (10)
What is the capital of Canada? (Ottawa)
What is the symbol of Canada? (Maple leaf)
Who are the natives of Canada?( Eskimos, Indians)
What languages do people speak in Canada? (French and English)
What’s world wonder is situated in Canada? (The Niagara Falls)
In what Canadian city did the Olympic Games take place? (Montreal)
What sport is extremely popular in Canada? (Hockey)
Who is at head of the country? (The Queen of Britain)
What province is called «the Seat of French Culture»? (Quebec)
What country does Canada border on in the North? (The USA)
Which is the largest province in Canada? (Quebec)
Which agricultural product grown in Canada is world famous? (Wheat)
Which tower rises above the Parliament Building in Ottawa?(Peace Tower)
Which museum in Ottawa illustrates the cultures of Eskimos and Indians? (The Museum of Civilization)
Which May Festival is Ottawa world famous for? (Tulip Festival)
The Queen of what country presents Ottawa with flowers? (The Netherlands)
In what province is the Niagara Falls situated?( Ontario)
Which syrup is Canada famous for? (Maple)
What are the largest lakes in Canada? (The Great Lakes – Lake Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario; Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, lake Winnipeg)
What are the longest rivers in Canada? (Mackenzie, Yukon, St. Lawrence River).
A large port in Canada. (Halifax)
The peninsular on the eastern coast of Canada. (Labrador)
A snow house built by the Eskimos is called. (An igloo)
The main item of Canada’s export is… (Nickel)
The national currency of Canada is … (The Canadian dollar)
New ZealandWho is at the head of the country? (Queen of Great Britain)
What is the capital of New Zealand? (Wellington)
Who are the natives of New Zealand? (Maori people)
What is the symbol of New Zealand? (Kiwi)
Who discovered New Zealand? (James Cook)
What is the pride of every New Zealander? (Garden)
Which city in New Zealand is called «garden city»? (Christchurch)
What 2 big islands does New Zealand consist of? (North island and South island)
How do New Zealanders call themselves? (Kiwi)
What fruit is New Zealand the world’s largest producer of? (Kiwi)
Which of the islands in New Zealand is the most popular? (North Island)
What reptiles do not live in New Zealand?( Snakes)
Which bird is apteryx in New Zealand? (Kiwi)
What was the first capital of New Zealand? (Auckland)
What are the two official languages in New Zealand? (English and Maori)
How are Maori people characterized? (Warlike)
Whom is the Queen of England represented by in New Zealand? (Governor General)
What is the political structure of New Zealand? (Constitutional Monarchy)
When do children begin to go to school in New Zealand? (At the age of 5)

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