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Hippies I’d like to start with appearance of hippies in the 60s. First of all, they wore their hair long. They used to wear lots of rings, bracelets and bells. Besides, they loved wearing long robes or dresses and flares (wide trousers). They wore sandals or walked barefoot. More than that they carried flowers. As you know, hippies of the 90s were called NEW AGE TRAVELLERS . They also liked to wear hair long with lots of color threads in it. They wore old black denim jeans and wooden clogs or boots. They showed off their independence using silver earrings and nose rings. Look at the photo that illustrates hippies They also preferred wearing old clothes. Nowadays it is not so difficult to look like a traditional hippie. You should wear a pair of worn-out blue jeans, long hair and a couple of chains. Do you want to look like a hippie? The fact is their behaviors differ from social norms. They don’t conform to society standards and support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. More than that, they always want to change the world to the best. As far as I know, hippies like rock`n`roll. As you know this style of music was popular especially in the 1950s but is still played now. It has a strong, loud beat and is usually played on electrical instrument. I’m glad to say that one of Britain’s most famous pop group is “The Beatles”. They first performed in Liverpool. The group included Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Richard Starkey.The fact is “The Beatles” changed pop music forever. Sorry to say, but this group split up in 1970. As for me, I get pleasure of listening to this legendary group too. I’m sure that their talents were given them by God. Yellow Submarine Yesterday The Fool On The Hill Michelle Help! Let It Be Besides, this subculture has its symbol and the motto… i p p i e s n h d u k t c o m v b r a b c d e f h a a a e e e e k r r r n u r c k k GUESS b/ a person with a short hair cut, listening reggae c/ a person dressed in a shocking way( very bright hair) d/ equipment necessary for making techno music e/ a person with a motorbike f/ a person visiting all-night dance parties Bill Clinton was a …

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