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Hippie style СоntentHippie style — history and featuresWomen's clothing in hippie styleColor hippie styleAccessories and shoes in hippie style At all times, the hippie style was considered controversial phenomenon and was the cause of many disputes. This trend leaves few people indifferent. Clothing that meets the requirements of this style, different brightness and freedom, it is harmoniously interwoven unimaginable flight of imagination, and a challenge to all fashion trends and foundations. The basic principles of hippie clothes consider ease, the maximum naturalness of matter, practicality, refusal to brands, natural color palette and originality of the images. Hippie style – history and featuresFirst hippie style clothing appeared in the late 50-ies in the United States. The ideology of the hippies was to protest against the cult of the material world, destruction and war. Closet hippies you'll be free, won't constrict movement, and the look of things. Fabrics that are used for its manufacture, must be natural. Women's clothing in hippie styleWomen's clothing in hippie style is characterized by a variety of lengths and widths, as well as the lack of standards and regulations. Each piece is unique. Dress in hippie style very unusual light, free silhouette length below the knees. In the wardrobe women hippie pants are present. It mostly flared jeans. The pants completely cover the leg or even reach the floor. Women's jeans decorated with patches, cuts, beads, fringe, or painted colors. In addition, closet hippie includes shirt boxy fit, long tunics, shirts, varied tank tops and plain t-shirt Color hippie styleHippie style combines vivid colors and a variety of colors. Common areas are very rich, and even acid colors. Colors directions fully meets the worldview of the representatives of this style: love to the world, unity with nature, kindness and freedom. The absence of rules allows you to combine shades, creating a new, incomparable image. Accessories and shoes in hippie styleTypically, the accessories represent a ring of colored beads, massive jewelry in a style that borrowed from Asian, Indian and South American cultures. Main place is occupied by all sorts of scarves. They tied on the head, neck, elbows, ankles or wrists. Very urgent braided straps, which are decorated with hair. In addition, the possible artificial or live flowers, embroidery floss and beads, which serve as a hair accessory. A special place in hippie style is baubles. They are made of mouline threads, beads, leather. They need to wear as much as possible. Baubles represent love and friendship. As a rule, they are made and given as a token of sympathy. Shoes hippy is a lace-up low course, sandals and flip-flops decorated with ribbons and braided straps. Shoes no heels, as the main feature of the area is the comfort. Fit well into the style worn shoes and sports Slippers which should be worn on bare feet. In the autumn and winter season hippies prefer loose boots or solid shoes with laces.

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