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Subculture by the name HipstersLaktuhin A. 7 «A» Hipsters - appeared in the U.S. in the 1940s, the term that derives from slang «to be hip». The word originally meant a representative of a particular sub-culture that emerged among the fans of jazz music, and in modern times is usually used in the sense to urban youth, interested in elite foreign culture and art, fashion, alternative music and indie-rock, art-house cinema, etc.Who are those Hipsters? Their clothesHipsters wear light summer sweatshirt with the logo of a group, company Rayban sunglasses, skinny jeans, and some Classic boots. Hipsters flourished only in 2010, and over the 70 years, it was a small sub-culture, now it is known culture that loves unconventional lifestyle. The end ;)

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