Хисторы оф таганрог

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History of Taganrog Taganrog –is one of the oldest cities in the south of Russia. The old map of Taganrog The factories and plants In 1783 Taganrog became the largest trading port in Russia These are the coat of arms and the flag of Taganrog Taganrog is a birthplace of Anton Chekhov A. S. Pushkin stayed in Taganrog at the end of May in 1820 on his way to the Caucasus. Faina Ranevskaya was born and spent her childhood in Taganrog. K.A.Savitsky and the artist A.K.Kuindzhi lived in Taganrog too. Writers K.Paustovsky and I.Vasilenko lived in our town. A trainer A.Durov and a poet Michael Tanich were the citizens of Taganrog. Семен Морозов – герой подполья Лева Костиков- герой подполья Nowadays there are about 260,000 people in Taganrog.

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