Why do people travel_9 класс (Биболетова М.З.)

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Why Do People Travel? Warm-up activity All roads has its customs. East or West like home. Every country lead to Rome. There in no place home is best Why Do People Travel? Why? Meet interesting people Learn much about people and nature Discover new lands Help to relax Improve knowledge of foreign languages Become a more educated person Why Do People Travel? Where? Round your city Round your country Abroad To your dacha Why Do People Travel? How? by boat by car by ship by plane by bus on foot Why Do People Travel? How? by boat by car by ship by plane by bus on foot What happened to the ship the Mary Celeste . The mysterious story of the ship-ghost Theories 1. There had been a mutiny (мятеж) on board.2. The crew had got drunk, killed the captain and escaped in the lifeboat.3. The crew had abandoned (бросили) the ship because they believed it was going to sink. 1. Before setting sail for Genoa, her owner had repaired the Mary Celeste. 2. This helped to explain why she had survived for so long in the wintry Atlantic after the crew had abandoned ship. 3. The compass itself was broken. 4. Someone had smashed one of the barrels of alcohol. Information 5. The lockers contained plenty of food and water.6. The sailors’ chest were still there , which showed that they had probably escaped the ship in a great hurry.7. But a search of the Captain’s cabin showed that ship’s navigation instruments were missing.8. The Mary Celeste had been sailed without a crew for nine days and had sailed 700 miles.9. The lifeboat wasn’t there. Useful language I think it’s most likely that... There can’t have been (a mutiny) because.....It’s difficult to say , but I guess (that) ….From the evidence , I reckon (that).... Well , you could be right , but …That’s a good point , but on the other hand ….I don’t think that’s right because …. I think you’re right.I agree with you.That’s an excellent idea. The most realistic theory Briggs had never shipped alcohol before. The change in temperature between New York and Azores , the night of storms would have caused the lids of two or three barrels blew off. The explosion gave the impression the ship was able to explode and Briggs ordered everyone into the lifeboat. He failed to secure the lifeboat to the Mary Celeste with rope. The sea was calm then, but later a storm blew up. The crew realized the Mary Celeste was no longer in danger of sinking . But the wind blew the ship into the distance. That’s why the crew didn’t return.

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