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2095566040Идеи для оформления зала и ворот
Давид: клюшки, шайба, свисток, манишки,
Ворота 1м на 60 см ( 6 сердец в ширину, 4 в высоту)
Все участники делятся на команды по 5 человек в каждой:
Жеребьёвкой определить, по две команды в одну.
Suggestions for the names of the teams: Cupid's Kids, Loving Hearts, Red Hearts
Вратарь– goalie (goaltender)
2 нападающих – парень с девушкой (forwards)
2 защитника – парень с девушкой (defensemen)
First the forward get the task, go to the referee, the, if their answer is correct they score the puck. If the answer is wrong they give the task to their defensemen. And the same procedure takes place till the goalkeeper. After equal number of questions the groups swap.
двое судей за воротами – следят за голом
один секретарь – ведет счет
один судья в поле- Давид: нарушения, гол – конец игры
один судья-информатор - я
один судья на скамейке штрафников – следит за временем штрафа
двое судей-регистраторов – проверяют выполнение заданий
Каждый гол обозначается сердечком цвета команды на стене.
Each player has a stick to shoot and you will also have a puck (heart-shape sponge), which you have to score into your opponent's net. We are going to have three 20-minutes periods.
The first of the three rounds will be about:
penalty shots (bullets)
Penalties – виды штрафов
Малый (2 минуты) — игрок удаляется на 2 минуты без права замены. Даётся за незначительные нарушения: подножка, зацеп, опасная игра высоко поднятой клюшкой, задержка соперника руками или клюшкой, задержка игры, неспортивное поведение, грубость и т. п. В случае, если штраф получил вратарь, штраф отбывает любой игрок, находящийся на площадке по выбору провинившейся команды.
Большой (5 минут) — игрок удаляется на 5 минут без права замены. Даётся за грубые нарушения: запланированное травмирование игрока, драка, провоцирование игроков на драку и т. д. В зависимости от степени тяжести добавляются дисциплинарные штрафы.
Дисциплинарный (10 минут) — игрок удаляется на 10 минут.
Дисциплинарный до конца игры (GM)
What does the word “hockey” mean?
A stick
Shepard’s stick
The word hockey itself is of unknown origin, Canadians think it came fromhoquet, a Middle French word for a shepherd's stick. The curved, or "hooked" ends of the sticks used for hockey indeed resembled these staves.
Канадская версия
Канадцы, однако, придерживаются в этом вопросе двух абсолютно разных версий. По первой версии, слово «хоккей» взято из языка мохауков (племя североамериканских индейцев). Они некогда играли в похожую игру на траве. Она называлась «хогий», что означает «больно». Дело в том, что после игры побеждённые подвергались наказанию. Вторая из принятых в Канаде версий более проста и известна. Она относит происхождение слова «хоккей» к старофранцузскому «хокэ», что означает изогнутый пастуший посох.
How old is the game?
4000 years old
1000 years old
Games played with curved sticks and a ball can be found in the histories of many cultures. In Egypt, 4000-year-old carvings feature teams with sticks and a ball.600 BC in Ancient Greece the game was played with a horn-like stick.In Mongolia, Chinaa game similar to modern field hockey, for about 1,000 years.The field hockey adapted to the icy conditions of Canadawas first organized and played at Montreal's Victoria Skating RinkOn March 3, 1875,
Name as many subtypes of hockey as you can for each mentioned game you have the right to score:
Field hockey or grass hockey
Ice hockey
Roller hockey
Sledge hockey- is a form of ice hockey designed for players with physical disabilities. (another form is vertical hockey)
Street hockey - a ball is used instead of a puck
Ball hockey
Mini hockey - is a form of hockey (also known as "mini-sticks") which is played in basements of houses. Players get down on their knees, using a miniature plastic stick, usually about 15 inches (38 cm) long to maneuver a small ball or a soft, fabric covered mini puck into a miniature goals.
the groups swap
What are NHA, NHL, CWHL (You will hear the abbreviation and you have to explain what it stands for? Ктопервыйвыкрикнетиправильно, имеетправозабиватьгол.
Для повышения зрелищности и скорости игры в 1910 году разрешили замену спортсменов. В этом же году возникла Национальная хоккейная ассоциация, а знаменитая Национальная хоккейная лига (НХЛ) появилась лишь в 1917 году.
In 1910, the National Hockey Association (NHA) was formed in Montreal. The NHAwas formed to change the rules, e.g. the game was split into three 20-minute periods and introducing the system of minor and major penalties.
National Hockey League (NHL) is the highest level for men, and the most popular.
The Canadian Women's Hockey League
Which of the rules listed below were the innovations in Canadian hockey?
A numberfor each player
A penalty shot
Overtime or extra time
OffsideНемало новшеств принадлежит хоккеистам братьям Пэтрик — Джеймсу, Крэйгу и Лестеру. По их инициативе игрокам присвоили номера, хоккеистам разрешили передавать шайбу вперёд, а вратарям — отрывать коньки ото льда. Игра благодаря ним стала длиться три периода по 20 минут каждый.
What is the Hockey Hall of Fame?
The Hockey Hall of Fame (Зал хокке́йной сла́вы) is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dedicated to the history of ice hockey, it is both a museum and a hall of fame. It holds exhibits about players, teams, National Hockey League (NHL) records, trophies, including the Stanley Cup. Тhe Hockey Hall of Fame was first established in 1943 under the leadership of James T. Sutherland.
Heart Hunt - red, white, blue, yellow and green sponge hearts of all shapes and sizes, then cut each heart into four pieces and scatter these all over the room, on the floor, chairs, tables, behind pictures, etc.
Allow a certain length of time for the hunt (2 min) , and when all the pieces have been scoredand see how many whole hearts of the same color are collected in the opponent’s net.
Violet hearts count 1
Blue hearts count 2
Lemon hearts count 3
Green hearts count 4
Red hearts count 5
Yellow hearts count 0
The one scoring the greatest number of points is the winner.
Initial Compliments
Each boy and girl requested, one at a time, giving each a compliment, every word of which begins with the initial letter of their team’s mates names.
E/G. Betty , you are beautiful. And etc. Henry you are handsome
As each girl is addressed by a boy, she replies, using the initial letter of his name in her answer.Then you have to score as quickly as you can.Then you swap. You can’t use the same word twice.
Valentine's Day Wordsearch
The “AND” Game
You draw a piece of paper and read the words aloud. Example – “Pencil and ….” If you answer correctly – “…and paper (or eraser)”.The other team is next to draw. If the players don’t know the answer, they loose the opportunity to score.
Cat and mouse
Coloring book and crayons
Hamburger and French fries
Hugs and kisses
The moon and stars
Reading and writing
Bat and ball
Cup and saucer
Bacon and eggs
Bread and butter
Table and chair
TV and VCR (or DVD)
Bed and breakfast
Black and white
Heaven and Earth
Salt and pepper
Tom and Jerry
Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet
Lilo and Stitch
Snow white and the seven dwarfs
Bees and honey
Bow and arrow
Barbie and Ken
Batman and Robin
Chip and Dale
Fish and Chips
King and Queen
Wallace and Grommet
Song and dance
Peter Pan and Wendy
Beauty and the Beast
Timon and PumbaMacaroni and cheese
Socks and shoes
Scarf and mittens (or gloves)
Desk and chair
Milk and cookies
Hammer and nail
Dollars and cents
Toothbrush and toothpaste
the groups swap
Music of the Heart – You need to sing any song about love to your partner. Any song having to do with the theme of Love or Valentine’s Day.
Blinded by Love. You must score blindfolded, but you can’t pull the stick from the floor (кактолькооторваликлюшкуотпола, штрафнойнаскамью)
Valentine's Day vocabulary test
Valentine's Day - Fix hearts
Hearts and Mittens - как в игра «Числа», чья пара нашлась первой хватает клюшки и забивает гол.
Предложение руки и сердца. Два цвета варежек и сердечек с кодировкой. Every heart has its corresponding mitten. You pull out your heart or mitten and then hunt for your partner. There is certain code so you have to call out loudly as quick as possible; the first pair who paired off have the right to score.
1 team
2F35G – love
4D28S – friendship
67K31 – glove
92VW5 – partnership
38Z4X – dream
2 team2A35V – love
4B26S – friendship
17KN51 – glove
9HF65 – partnership
P78Z4 - dream
the groups swap
Name as many things you know that can be red or pink
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