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Holidays Intellectual competition Choose the right answer What holiday don’t we celebrate in Russia?a) Boxing DayB) New YearC) ChristmasD) St. Valentine ‘s Day When is Christmas Day in Great Britain and Western Europe? A) December 25th B) January 25th C) December 26th D) January 7th Which two colours are the traditional colours of Christmas? A) blue and pink B) red and green c) yellow and pink d) white and green Where do people celebrate New Year in February? A) Germany b) Great Britain C) Australia D) China What does a word ‘heart’ mean? А) СвечаБ) СердцеС) КупидонД) Подарок 1) love. 2) sun. 3) on. 4) at. 5) sweets. 6) hate. 7) tulip. 8) heart. 9) rose 10) books St. Valentine Day is 1) --- the 14th of February. It is the day to give little gifts to people you 2) --- . The most popular presents are flowers and 4) ---. People of all ages send Valentine cards in the form of 5)--- . Red 6) --- is a symbol of love. 4 tour Make as many as possible new words from the word: congratulations

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