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British and American Festivals. St. Valentine’s Day. the 14 of February It is a happy little festival for young people. People send special cards in the shape of hearts to someone they love. They are often red, have red trimmings and pictures of hearts. Soft toys are also popular gifts for this holiday. Flowers and candy are favourite presents. You can also present the usual apple, because it is a symbol of love and beauty. It’s a very interesting holiday and many people like to celebrate it. Mother’s Day. the second Sunday in March In the old days girls from poor families in the country worked in rich houses. Once a year, it was usually a Sunday in March, they could visit their mothers. They went home on that day and brought presents for their mothers. Sons and daughters visit their mothers and bring them flowers and presents. The eldest son must bring his mother a good cake. Daughters cook the dinner on that day and the sons help to wash the dishes. Easter. Sunday between March and April Easter is a church holiday. Schoolchildren have two weeks holiday. The symbol of Easter is an egg. Eggs are symbols of new life. Children find eggs in the yards and gardens. They think the Easter rabbit comes and leaves the eggs for them. Thanksgiving Day. the last Thursday in November This holiday was first celebrated in America in 1621. People gave thanks for a good harvest. People don’t give presents to each other on this day. But they gather together for traditional dinner. The usual dishes are roast turkey People cook corn dishes too. There are also many fruit and vegetables on the table. People have fairs and different festivals on that day. and pumpkin pie. The main Halloween activity for children is trick-or-treating. Children dress in costumes and masks and go from door to door saying "trick or treat". The neighbours give children candies, fruit and pennies so that children do not play tricks on them. There are different symbols of Halloween such as Halloween black cats, bats, skeletons, witches, terrifying masks and carved pumpkins. Halloween. the 31st of October This day is the eve of All Saints' Day. People like to tell stories about ghosts and witches on Halloween. Christmas. the 25th of December

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