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My dream holidays by Dankova Lera and Aydartsyan Grisha School No.67 Class 5B

A little about us ...Hello, our names are Grisha and Lera. We study at school №67. We are at the Fifth form. We are best friends. We like to travel. Everyone has a dream to travel abroad. Now we’ll describe how we’ve made this dream come true.

My first travel (Grisha)The first country I have ever visited is Armenia. I am from Armenia. I like Armenia. It is a very beautiful country. There is one of the largest fresh-water high-altitude lakes in the world – the Sevan. There is also a very beautiful mountain of Ararat. It is not only surprising for its scenery but for its dazzling height.

My first travel (Lera)This year I have been to Turkey. This is a very hot country. There‘re a lot of visitors especially Russian ones. Turkey is a real tourist attraction. Its nature offers numerous beauties to see. Turkey is located near the Mediterranean Sea. I loved my holidays abroad.

My dream (Grisha)I have a big dream. I’m dreaming to visit one of the most political and financial world centers – the city of New York. It is among the biggest and most famous cities in the world. New-York has five districts. They are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

ppt_yppt_yppt_y My dream (Lera)I dream to visit Great Britain. This country is really great. There you can find the highest point in the British Isles. Ben Nevis is the name of this mountain. But the natives simply call it Ben. London’s major tourist attraction is Big Ben.

Places of interest abroadJapanChinaGermanythe USAEgyptFranceItaly

Travelling is very enjoyable. Each person should go abroad at least for once. Though Russia has also much to offer.
Thanks for your attention.

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