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Litvinova Tatiana school 213 Saint-Petersburg People celebrate Halloween on the 31st of October Children dress up in funny clothes. People decorate their houses with Jack-o- lanterns. American people began to celebrate it in 1621. They celebrate it on the fourth Thursday of November. Families come together for the day and eat traditional American food: roast turkey and pumpkin pie. English and American people celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. Before Christmas they decorate a Christmas tree with toys, coloured balls and lights. They buy greeting cards and presents for their nearest and dearest. Traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey and pudding. People celebrate New Year’s day on the 1st of January. Some people stay up all night! They have parties and go outside to congratulate one another. It is a day of friendship and love. The 14th of February to people we love We send greeting cards People celebrate Easter at the end of March and in the first part of April. On Easter Sunday children get Easter eggs and rabbits. On this day you can meet an Easter rabbit in the street.

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