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Home Reading, Lesson 6 Cinderella (Part I) Answer the questions: Do you like to read tales?Did you read “Cinderella”?Do you like Cinderella? Why?What’s the title of the tale in Russian? Match the words from the two columns to make up expressions: beautiful enter horrible terrible big film stepmother head girl the room Translate from Russian into English 1) У нее ужасная мачеха. She has got a terrible stepmother.2) Он – отвратительный человек. He is a horrible man.3) Мой маленький брат очень любит сахар. My little brother likes sugar very much.4) Отец говорит: «Войди, Золушка». Father says: “Enter, Cinderella”.5) Золушка – красивая девушка. Cinderella is a beautiful girl.6) У слона большая голова. An elephant has got a big head. What can you say about Cinderella? Make up a story: Cinderella is a … .She has got … .Her stepmother … .Lady Sybil has got … . They are … .Lady Sybil is … . … and … … …,too.They want … . Let’s sum up What tale did we discuss? Do you like it? Why? What new words do you know? Home Reading, Lesson 11 Cinderella (Part II) What do you think about the tale? Did you like the tale?Do you like the cartoon “Cinderella”?Why do you like this tale?What is the second part of the tale about?Where did Cinderella’s stepmother and her daughters want to go?Do people go to balls now?Do you often go to parties (discos)?Do you like them? Why?What clothes do we usually wear when we go to a party?What clothes did Cinderella’s stepmother and her daughters wear? Compare the clothes: Which dress is the most beautiful (the longest, the biggest, the brightest)?Which hat is the nicest?Is Cinderella’s dress better or worse than the other dresses?What clothes did the people at that time wear? (What clothes mentioned in the text are drawn in the pictures?)Do you like their clothes? Compare the characters: Who is the kindest character of the tale (the worst character, the most beautiful)?What character do you like/dislike? (Cinderella, her stepmother, her stepsisters, …) Why?Can we meet such people like Cinderella today (like Lady Sybil, Pat, Liz, Loard Basil)? Let’s play! Imagine that a director of a theatre wants to find the actors for the play “Cinderella”. You are actors, two groups of actors. You want to work at the theatre. The director must choose the actors for the play. You must do some tasks, you must show how you know the text, how you can play. Who said the following words? We’ll go to the ball today.I can’t wear these old clothes.I want a beautiful blue evening dress.I want a blue hat and white shoes.I want a party dress.The invitation card says: “To Lord Basil and Lady Sybil and their three daughters”.You can go to the ball, but first there’s some work for you to do.Wash my socks!Oh no! I can’t do all that today.Wash my dress! Describe: what clothes Pat wanted to put on; what clothes Liz wanted to put on; what clothes Cinderella wanted to put on; what invitation card the postman brought; what things Stepmother told Cinderella to do; what things (clothes) Cinderella must wash. Prove that: Cinderella wanted to go to the ball;Stepmother and her daughters didn’t want to go to the ball with Cinderella;Stepmother and stepsisters were cruel (bad) people;Stepmother and her daughters wanted to have new clothes for the ball. Answer the questions: What did stepmother want to wear? What colour clothes did Pat want to have? What colour clothes did Liz want to have? Did the postman want Cinderella to go to the ball too? What did he say? Did stepmother really allow Cinderella to go to the ball? What did the stepmother tell Cinderella to do? Arrange the sentences in a logical order (“Dominoes”) Stepmother wanted to have a party dress for the ball.Pat and Liz wanted to have new clothes, too.Pat wanted to have a beautiful white evening dress, a blue hat and white shoes.Liz wanted to have a beautiful blue evening dress, blue shoes and a white hat.Cinderella said: “I can’t wear these old clothes. I want some new clothes”.But stepmother, Pat and Liz didn’t want to take Cinderella with them. 7) They said: “You can’t go to the ball”.8) The postman brought the invitation card: “To Lord Basil and Lady Sybil and their three daughters”.9) Then stepmother said to Cinderella: “ You can go to the ball”.10) Stepmother told Cinderella to make beds, to go to the shop and to buy food and drink, to make tea, to wash clothes.11) Cinderella was very upset because she couldn’t do all things. Read the tale in roles, try to do it like real actors do (be emotional, speak loudly, correctly) Homework: Retell the tale. Imagine that Cinderella (her stepmother, Pat or Liz) tells us this story. Home Reading, Lesson 12 Cinderella (Part III) What do you think? Is the third part of the tale “Cinderella” as interesting as the first and the second?Is Cinderella happy in the third part? Why?Who helped Cinderella? Describe Fairy Godmother Are the sentences true or false? The ball started at 10 o’clock.Fairy Godmother could help Cinderella.Cinderella wanted to go to the ball very much.Fairy Godmother asked Cinderella to give her the box for hats.Fairy Godmother counted “One, two, three” and Cinderella saw a carriage with two horses and a driver.Cinderella couldn’t wear her old clothes.Fairy Godmother gave Cinderella her own clothes.Cinderella was very beautiful in her new clothes.Cinderella could have all the things that Fairy Godmother gave her until 12 o’clock.Cinderella didn’t thank Fairy Godmother.________________________________________________________ Key: 1-; 2+; 3+; 4-; 5-; 6+; 7-; 8+; 9+; 10- Prepare the story: about Cinderella and how Fairy Godmother helped her to go to the ball; as if you were Cinderella; as if you were Fairy Godmother; the end of the tale. Let’s sum up: Is the end of the tale happy? (She went to a ball, fell in love with the prince and then married him.) But why did Fairy Godmother help Cinderella? Must we work hard if we want to have beautiful clothes, tasty food? What is more important to you: to be rich or to have real friends?

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