Хоме сwеет хоме

Дополнительные упражнения для изучения темы «Home, sweet home».
1. Put the sentences in the correct order to make the conversations:
- We live in a lighthouse.
- No, we don't.
- Where do you live?
- Do you live in an ordinary house?
- Do you like living there?
- It's romantic and unusual. But I think it's better to live in an ordinary house with all modern conveniences.
2.Put the sentences in the correct order to make the conversations:
- Do you live in a quiet place?
- Yes, we do. We have gas, electricity, running water and central heating. It is very convenient.
- Do you have all the modern conveniences?
- Do you live in an unusual house?
- No, we don't. We live in an ordinary house.
- Yes, we do. And our house is not far from my school.
Put the words in right order:
1. Usually, Ann, has, room, in, living, dinner, her.2. She, three, and, bedrooms, has, a kitchen.3. Has, she, a lot of, garden, flowers, in, her.4. Likes, her, a lot, she, house.
4. Find as many words as you can.
qweertyybyuiopgaragefgesfausfghkjklmdclzpcwelivingroomsrfgetgxcdotwgtbdrfcarbkohebarbathroommdrribestedownstairshsnnewrdtunasxfgbmnbeautifulFill in the text.
There …a window between the bookcase and the mirror. There …a sofa near the wall. There… three roses in a vase on the table and there … a big cat under the table. There … vases on the table and on the TV. In the living – room there … a carpet. There … a black cat under the table.
7. Odd one out
1. bed, carpet, chair, desk
2. hall, bedroom, kitchen, sofa
3. сhair, floor, wall, unit
4.sofa, cooker, armchair, carpet
5. fridge, cupboard, watch, table

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