Test 2b_spotlight 8

Шаферова И.В.
ФГКОУ Нахимовское военно-морское училище
Осень, 2016г.
Test 2b
In which shop can you buy the following?
a t-shirt
some prawns
a bunch of tulip
a pair of sunglasses
some bread
a golden ring
a packet of aspirin
a second-hand appliance
Choose the correct response.
How would you like to pay?
By credit card.
Can I help you?
No, I’m just looking, thanks.
It doesn’t fit me.
Is the dress new?
At Stacey’s
Yes, I bought it a couple of days ago.
Fill in: origins, mall, market, store, bakery, decor, service, allergies, scrambled, consists.

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