Хорроwс оф саинт-петерсбург терентева

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Horrows of Saint-PetersburgIt`s a particular kind of entertainment, as you will not only learn about the history of this city, as it is done in conventional museums, but also to participate in the incredible action that will take place around you…
You can see beautiful princess Tarakanova, who dead in Peter and Paul Fortress, frozen in the throes over there… It's an amazing museum which is located in St. Petersburg Also you can see the Emperor Paul I and his ghost And sinister and mysterious Rasputin risen from his tomb in the fire… Also you will see there ruthless murderer Raskolnikov with ax, Hermann from the "Queen of Spades" written by A.S. Pushkin, Major Kovalev and his nouse and other ghosts wandering in the dungeons of St. Petersburg…

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