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The invention of chewing gumУчитель Приходько Влада ВикторовнаМБОУ СОШ №28Станица Тамань hot gadget!a daft devicemad gadgetto brighten a dayhuge batteries powerto bounce smb. outmiserablea singing umbrellato play a tunea bucket of waterSillinesstrampolineСумасшедшее изобретениеПоющий зонтикПрикольное изобретениемощностьОживить деньжалкийотскакиватьОгромная батарейкаГлупое изобретениеИграть мелодиюВедро водыГлупостьбатут

What kind of gadgets are hot gadgets?Hot gadgets are gadgets…. Which words from the interview help to understand the characteristics of the hot gadgets? What is Carol's attitude to gadgets? What is your opinion about Carol's favourite gadget? Carol’s favourite gadget is… What kind of gadgets would you suggest demonstrating in the show? I would suggest demonstrating….

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Invention of Bubble Gum Bubble gum is a type of chewing gum that is especially designed for blowing bubbles. It is______ pink in colour and has a particular flavour.. In 1928 it was invented by Walter E. Diemer who worked for the Fleer Chewing Gum Company in Philadelphia. In his spare time Diemer was trying new gum recipes and, by accident, invented a__________________gum. It was less_______________than regular chewing gum and it stretched more easily. When Walter Diemer, who was 23 years old at that time, saw the bubbles, produced by his new gum, he saw the_____________________of making money. He took the gum, which he had given the name Dubble Bubble, to the nearby grocery store and made a ________________________________ to the salesmen to show the extraordinary features of his gum. The new gum was very______________________and popular with customers. Although Diemer never received a patent for his invention, he sold the recipe to his company and became a senior vice president.USUALDIFFER STICKPOSSIBLEDEMONSTRATESUCCESS usuallydifferentstickypossibilitydemonstrationsuccessful

Hi-Tech Brings Families TogetherTechnology is helping families stay in touch like never before, says a report carried out in the US. Instead of driving people apart, mobile phones and the Inter­net are A________________________• The research looked at the differences in technology use between families with children and single adults. It found that traditional families have more hi-tech gadgets in their home В______________________. Several mobile phones were found in 89% of families and 66% had a high-speed Internet connection. The research also found that 58% of families have more С_________________________.Many people use their mobile phone .to keep in touch and communicate with parents and children. Seventy percent of couples, D__________________________, use it every day to chat or say hello. In addition, it was found that 42% of parents contact their children via their mobile every day. The growing use of mobile phones, computers and the Internet means that families no longer gather round the TV to spend time together. 25% of those who took part in the report said they now spend less time E__________ _____________. Only 58% of 18—29 year olds said they watched TV every day. Instead the research found that 52% of Internet users who live with their families go online F__________________________ several times a week and 51% of parents browse the web with their children. Some analysts, have worried that new technologies hurt fami­lies, but we see that technology allows for new kinds of connected­ness built around cell phones and the Internet,' said the report.1. than any other group2. watching television8. in the company of someone else4. than two computers In the home5. communicated with their families 6. helping them communicate7. owning a mobile style.colorstyle.colorstyle.colorstyle.colorstyle.colorstyle.color

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