Хоw цан wе спенд оур фрее тиме

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How can we spend our free time? People all over the world have very unusual ways This is Wolfgang Leander, 67 years old. When he has some free times he likes to swim with sharks! On this photo he is swimming near the shores of South Africa with 30 tiger-shark! These sharkes are the most dangerous in the world. This young Japanese likes making different musical instrument from fruit in his free time. He can make a flute from a banana during 5 minutes This is Scott Wied, an American artist. When he has some free times he walks along streets and looks for very dirty cars. What for??? He likes to paint on them. Look at this car. It is a master piece. Usually women don’t have free time because they need to work, to do a lot of homework, to grow up children. But sometimes they like to make very unusual interesting cakes. These cakes are nice and delicions. Some people are very creative. Look at this photo. Do you think it is a bath? No, it is a car. And this man is a racing driver. Look at these small figures. The first figure is a shoe, the second one is a button. They aren’t unusual. But look at them more attentively! These figures are made from slate-pencils! What do you like doing in your free time?What would you like?

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