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To pollute the water, (air, forest, river); to leave litter, campfire; to cut down trees, to start a fire; to kill animals, fish; to take litter home, to save animals, to drop litter, to sort rubbish * How can we help the environment? * F R S E O T * FOREST * * In the forest we must must not keep silence. kill animals, fish. pick up flowers. break plants and trees. leave fires. take litter home. draw or paint trees. * * Litter Lasts * * Our Promise The people of ________ will protect their planet. We will build special _______ and _________ our rubbish. Some people will not use their _______ and go by ________ . Children will not drop ______ and will clean _______. We will never forget to __________ electricity and water. Factories, the Earth, litter , cars, recycle , turn on , turn off, public transport , the forests. * Our Promise The people of the Earth will protect their planet. We will build special factories and recycle our rubbish. Some people will not use their cars and go by public transport . Children will not drop litter and will clean the forests .We will never forget to turn off electricity and water. * I willI will not (won’t) * I willI won’t make fires in the forests. pollute the water. leave litter in the forests. plant trees. feed birds in winter turn off the lights when I leave a room. drop litter in the street. kill birds and animals. * * * Choose the right answer.1. Pollution is a) good for people b) can kill people c) good for the nature 2 .Recycling is a) a computer game b) going on a bicycle again c) using litter again 3 Air pollution is dangerous because a) you can’t hear b) you can’t see c) you can’t breathe. 4 We can help animals if we a) put them in the zoo. b) don’t kill them c) don’t cut down the forests. 5 There will be no air without a) fish b) trees c) animals. 6. Litter is a) a place b) measure for water c) rubbish which people drop in a street 7. What must you do with litter? a) drop it b) pick it up c) burn it. 8 Plants a ) pollute air b )grow in the forest c )grow in the sea. 9 We can help the fish if a) we buy an aquarium b) we don’t pollute rivers and lakes and oceans c) we save water. * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 b c c b,c b c b b b,c If you don’t think about the future, you will not have it” (Если ты не подумаешь о будущем, у тебя его может не быть) John Golsworthy *

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